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Welcome to the - knowledge-base:


A Wireless LAN (WLAN) security site provided for 802.11 (aka Wireless, aka WI-FI) - Security Auditors and Penetration Testers.



The site illustrates the usage for numerous WLAN Security tools, provides installation instructions (where appropriate) and also provides an alternative repository to download the tools (licensing allowing).



Linux Tools

Our collection of HOW-TO guides for Linux Wireless Security Tools.  The guides include full installation instructions, screenshots and a comprehensive listing of switches and basic tool usage.


>> more information 





Wireless Vulnerabilities and Exploits (WVE)

Be sure to check out WVE the source for in-depth information on wireless vulnerabilities.


>> more information 



Windows Tools

Our collection of HOW-TO guides for Windows Wireless Security Tools including both commercial and freeware/shareware products.


>> more information




The site also includes:

Guide to Building a WLAN auditing laptop  >> more information 


Linux Wireless Commands Cheat sheet  >> more information


Listing of Wireless Live Linux Distributions  >> more information


Home Users - Wireless Router Security Guide  >> more information


Default Wireless Router Settings  >> more information























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