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aircrack Main:

Project Homepage: (OFFLINE)

Project Homepage: Local Mirror of Homepage  aircrack-2.41.tgz  MD5: 05A37C8A165EFB11EA226829C809DEB3

NOTE: The next generation of Aircrack, Aircrack-ng has far superseded the functionality of the original; Aircrack-ng's project homepage can be found here:


The aircrack suite is an excellent collection of tools written by Christophe Devine to perform packet capture, packet injection and WEP/WPA cracking.

Installing aircrack


The Tools: 

  • - a utility to check an interfaces status and placing the interface into monitor mode



  • airodump - 802.11 packet capture program (the resulting captures are used with aircrack)



  • aircrack - static WEP and WPA-PSK key cracker that uses airodump captures as its input



  • aireplay - 802.11 packet injection program *Does not support Orinoco drivers



  • airdecap - decrypts WEP/WPA capture files



  • arpforge - tool for forging ARP request packets


Aircrack/Aircrack-ng is also available on the Windows platform, albeit without the packet injection capabilities offered by aireplay.


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