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Wifi Hopper


Project Homepage:


"WiFi Hopper is a WLAN utility that combines the features of a Network Discovery and Site Survey tool with a Connection Manager."



Wifi Hopper is a tool in the same vein as Netstumbler but is far slicker and comes with many more features albeit at a small

cost ($34.95) but only if you want to utilise the connection features.  A fully featured 15 day trial is available prior to making

any purchase decisions.



Operating Modes:


Wifi Hopper is capable of operating in 3 different modes:


Network Scanning mode - This mode is similar to Netstumbler's mode of operation but with the added benefit of being able to

detect WLANs with hidden SSIDs and the ability to connect (or attempt to connect) to any discovered WLANs.  Wifi Hopper can

actually be used in preference to Microsoft's built in Wireless Manager and it does a better job in many areas.


Network Hopping mode - Network hopping mode provides the capability of automatically connecting to any detected unsecured

network and hopping between unsecured networks based on a 'score' (higher signals strengths and Infrastructure networks receive

higher scores).  We haven't seen this feature in any other wireless product to date. 


Connection Manager mode - "Connection manager will continually scan for WLANS, compare each network to each saved profile taking

into account options such as Match SSID, once detected will continue scanning to ensure priority is taken into account. Will connect to

most suitable connection to auto connect without user intervention." -



Wifi Hopper in action:



Main Window:




Signal Graphs:


We liked that fact that you can compare the signal strength of 2 or more networks simultaneous, something that is just not possible

with Netstumbler.




Wifi Hopper's device information:




More Wifi Hopper:


Wifi Hopper also comes with:

  • NMEA GPS support.


  • A very good manual that discusses in detail all of its available options and modes.


  • Display different networks in different colours:



  • Good filtering options:  


Finally, check out for a full comparison between WiFi Hopper and other Windows based


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