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Project Homepage:


Local Mirror: hotspotter-0.4.tar.gz  MD5: 1fa7f4822732c8798832f8ce2f4fb703


Hotspotter passively monitors the network for probe request frames to identify the preferred networks of Windows XP clients, and will compare it to a supplied list of common hotspot network names.  If the probed network name matches a common hotspot name, Hotspotter will act as an access point to allow the client to authenticate and associate. -Hotspotter homepage


NOTE: Hotspotter only works with the hostap drivers/prism cards.


UPDATE: Due to the changed behaviour of windows clients as a result of the recent changes in Microsoft service packs hotspotter's effectiveness has been depreciated; more specifically the fact that that windows clients (by default) no longer probe for networks they have previously been connected to - if those networks are not visible (for more information see:





tar zxvf hotspotter-0.4


cd hotspotter-0.4





Hotspotter Options:




Running Hotspotter:


cd hotspotter-0.4/src


./hotspotter -i ath0 -f ssidlist -a


Note: Do not put the interface into monitor mode prior to running hotspotter, the tool will do this itself.




Client Connection and switch to AP mode:


Once a client has been detected - hotspotter will switch to AP mode to allow the client to connect.



Commands can be added to the initial hotspotter command with the -e option to allow further interaction with the host i.e. by starting dhcpd and allocating an IP to the client.


e.g. hotspotter -i wlan0 -f HOTSPOTLIST -a -e dhcpd


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